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Author Topic: The difference between Arctic Fox Virgin Pink + Special Effects Virgin Rose?  (Read 764 times)  Share 

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Hi, I'm about to get some weave coloured after a few years (literally) of searching high and low for a specific shade of pink I had in mind. I was looking for something in the fuchsia/magenta spectrum of bright pink - a lot of pinks out there are either too red, too orange or too purple for what I was looking for. I've managed to narrow it down to 3:

1) Arctic Fox Virgin Pink

2) Special Effects Virgin Rose

3) Manic Panic Hot Hot Pink (that I might mix with Adore Pink Rose/something similar to mute some of the purple-ness just a tad)

I'm more drawn to the first two, but number 3 is easier for me to get hold of in person (and is cheaper). Arctic Fox isn't sold in the UK, and Special Effects isn't sold in any hair care shop I've ever been to. Both of them cost about the same.

I guess my main question is, for any of you that have seen Arctic Fox and Special Effects in person, is there much of a discernible difference? If there isn't, I'll probably go for the Special Effects mainly because it's sold within the UK.

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i think SE virgin rose is a little bit darker (more purpley maybe?) not much but arctic fox virgin pink came out much brighter in my hair.
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Iíve not used the manic panic pink or any artic fox colours at all. The special effects I remember coming out on the more purple side, but diluted quite heavily, it was still really strong but more on the magenta side. The undertones are a very, very neon pink. Itís a gorgeous pink though. One of my favs and I really must use it again!
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