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Author Topic: blueish roots after ebony dye  (Read 330 times)  Share 

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blueish roots after ebony dye
« on: 02 Dec 18 / 12:47 PM »
Hi everyone,

last night I use directions ebony to dye my hair (over a very faded reddish brown). Overall colour is lovely, held up to the light it has a reddish/purple sheen which is what I was hoping for. However my roots (which would be virgin light brown/dark blonde) have gone slightly blue and my scalp is stained dark blue as well. I was surprised since I checked the base colour for the dye and it is red based.

My question(s) (hope I don't sound like an idiot) - is there a way to make the roots match up more to the rest? I have a small but of ebony left I could put more on the roots maybe?
I usually leave it a few days after colouring before I wash my hair but there is so much staining I look a bit like a smurf especailly along my parting. Is shampooing going to be the best solution?
Should I shampoo and see what my roots are like first then maybe add more dye in a few days?



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