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Author Topic: Dying my hair red  (Read 202 times)  Share 

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Dying my hair red
« on: 15 Nov 18 / 04:24 PM »
I want to get a hair colour similar too the first picture I added. My current hair colour is the second and third picture. I have some pots of directions : tangerine, vermillion red, poppy red. I'm pondering to buy some of the brown reddish hues from adore and mix with some of the directions colour. Would that work?
But I also have a problem with my after growth. I would like that to be colored too. Is there any red dark semipermament dye that would cover it?
The alternative is to bleach it. I don't have any bleach and feel it's safer to use lightning box dye.i have some that should do the job see fourth picture.
What would you do? Try to find a dark red to cover the after growth or lighten it?
Any suggestions are appreciated.


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