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Author Topic: Has this hair dye gone wrong?  (Read 558 times)  Share 

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Has this hair dye gone wrong?
« on: 25 Oct 18 / 05:34 PM »
So on Tuesday I dyed my hair, It was a long process. I had to go from ombre which was starting to fade and look odd on the ends of my hair. At first I was going to use a hair stripper but thank god I didn`t because I found out it would turn my whole hair blonder. So I went ahead and dyed brown dye all over the blonde and my whole head, I had too do this twice because otherwise my hair would of just looked odd If I wanted to go balayage/highlighted Eventually the blonde was covered with just maybe a small mere left. So I went ahead and highlighted my hair..

Now this is the part where I have a problem, I used purple shampoo earlier to reduce the brassiness and I went outside and took some photos to see what my hair looked like and the outcome is freaking me out. I`ve taken some photos so you can see but to me I have one side that is totally blonde (Or at least if it is blonde) it might be a light browny colour and then I`ve got the other side brown with some blonde highlight, Not to mention i`ve now got a annoying blonde bit at the front. This is freaking me out because I dunno if I mucked it up or if it`s still processing. In different lights so inside for instance my hair looks brown all over like you can`t see any hint of blonde where as soon as I step outside it`s lighter and looks blonde.

I`m a perfectionist and this is bothering me a lot so I came here to get some reassurance to see if I have gone wrong, I have asked a few people already and they said I haven`t, that`s it fine and i`m not sure if it`s still processing. If I have gone wrong I would like to know how to correct and how to tone down the colour because this will just freak me out. Also to me it looks a bit patchy...



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