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Author Topic: Which is better for hair - repeated fading treatment or bleach bath?  (Read 559 times)  Share 

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I have at the moment 2.5 inches of roots, then some pink for a few inches, then the rest is white down to the ends. My hair is pretty damaged from overprocessing in the past, so I've been growing it for a while - the roots and pink bits are fairly healthy, but the ends are quite damaged, dry, and haven't held onto the dye as well. It's a bit of a patchy mess.

What I want to do is fade out the pink as much as possible and then decide what to do - ideally I want to use an oxidative semi-permanent to go back to red, so that I get a more consistent base, and then top up with direct dyes if needed. Because of the white I'll need to pre-pig it in some way with a gold or orange, and the pink will not help with this at all!

Fading treatments aren't shifting the pink much now, and are still leaving my hair pretty dry and coarse (I'm using anti-dandruff shampoo plus baking soda, which has worked well in the past). The top layer looks more faded, but there's still a fair bit of brighter pink underneath the top layer. I have considered bleach bathing the roots and pink bits, but I've held off as I'm worried about the more damaged ends. Would this actually be better for my hair than repeated fading treatments?

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Baking soda is very drying, but as long as you are giving your hair the moisturizer it needs, keep powering through.  A bleach bath is still damaging but will yield the results much faster. Be sure to treat your hair to regular minor trims throughout the fading process or even the (gentle) bleach baths and include Olaplex #3 throughout either, and you should have no problems.

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if your hair is already white on the ends, i would avoid bleach or oxidative dyes completely. It will begin to break off if you keep doing it. The fading methods, although drying, they do not cause damage and some good moisturising conditioner will help fix that. If you want to bleach bath, then do try to add olaplex to it to help rebuild some bonds in the hair. you can also use coconut oil before bleaching to protect the hair a little bit more and use reconstructor conditioner to help the condition of your ends.
Personally i would just cut off the white ends and then do a gentle bleach bath on the pink.

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Sorry to that. Fading treatment is better


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