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Author Topic: Bitter sweet chocolate xxl live  (Read 763 times)  Share 

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Bitter sweet chocolate xxl live
« on: 25 Aug 18 / 11:09 AM »
I wanted a break from my bright red hair. So I dyed it brown but stupidly dyed it with xxl bitter sweet chocolate which came out black. I can pull off black hair anyways but it was just too dark 3 weeks later I've now used colour b4 twice. The first time it went ginger and a lighter brown then it oxidized back and went dark brown which was  okay but still too dark today I've done it again and looks lighter but I still think it's going to go darker. Just wondering if u guys think I'm going to have to bleach it. I got a reddy brown dye to use. Or whether to just go back to bright red which I use loreal colour highlights then nuclear red special effects.
Just wish I stayed red now! :(

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Re: Bitter sweet chocolate xxl live
« Reply #1 on: 26 Aug 18 / 09:21 AM »
Well, until the dye does reoxidize I wouldnít worry about it too much. You can still try the colourb4 another time. If itís some each time it might end up ok. Just make sure an6 bleach is a last resort and itís just a bleac( bath.
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Re: Bitter sweet chocolate xxl live
« Reply #2 on: 28 Aug 18 / 07:46 AM »
It did go darker but just not as dark. I'm using anti dandruff shampoo. Might try the colour remover again, haven't bleached my hair in abbot 2 years now. Last time I did it I went a friend who is a mobile hairdresser and she started bleaching at my roots :/ it was patchy to.  I've got bleach at home might talk my mum in to it if I want to go back to red lol. Is there any other method to help take colour out??


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