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Author Topic: Considering Bleach Wash after Salon  (Read 1006 times)  Share 

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Considering Bleach Wash after Salon
« on: 22 Aug 18 / 03:30 PM »
So last week I had to use a new hair lady after mine moved away. I have lighter blonde hair with lowlights throughout. My underneath virgin hair is a dark blonde.

She put way too many foils despite having my hair ladies notes. My hair turned out entirely too blonde with a few spots that didn't come up all the way and were brassy. Yesterday I went back for her to fix it and now the top of my head is way too dark from all the level 7 foils she put in. Bottom is fine.

Would it be okay to put a bleach wash on the top? It shouldn't have to go back through red/orange since it is die on blonde correct?

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Re: Considering Bleach Wash after Salon
« Reply #1 on: 26 Aug 18 / 10:35 AM »
If they just used foils with colour for highlights/lowlights you should be ok, however if they used bleach in foil then you have had a fair amount of treatment on the hair already so I would be wary of doing anything else to it just now.  Could you not return to them saying you are not happy with the result (I know it is not always easy to complain about a service) - they could then say what would be best so as to not damage your hair too much.
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