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Author Topic: Hairstylist gave me yellow hair. help?  (Read 890 times)  Share 

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Hairstylist gave me yellow hair. help?
« on: 06 Aug 18 / 07:51 PM »
Hi everyone.

I went to get a balayage from a hairstylist who had a beautiful instagram of cool toned blondes. I was super excited - ended up coming out with gold hair and bright orange bangs - i had to go back to get her to fix my orange bangs so now they are the same lovely gold color as the rest of my hair (heavy sarcasm)

I asked her not to make my hair really light bleach blonde as I have naturally wavy hair that when frizzy can appear fried if it's too blonde. I wanted a cute balayage with still brunette showing through, a very cool champagne/ashy color so that I can grow out my roots (I've been dying it for years and now just want it to be all natural and my dyed brown didnt match my natural roots at all)

This is what my hair now looks like.  *ill*

It's really golden and nasty, there are even still a couple orange pieces in there. NOT CUTE. Paid this woman over $300 too!! SO ANGRY.

And it's way too much blonde! It's like I was blonde all over and just let my roots grow through (in reality it blends nicely so not like a grow out) but I hate hate the color. I bought a 9V permanent ion dye with 20 developer to color it myself as i knew toner wouldn't work as it isnt pale enough. The dye literally did nothing whatsoever. It's still SO yellow?? Should I have gotten an 8 instead? I thought my hair was a level 8 but maybe i'm a level 7? I have no idea. help me please. I like the level/lightness, I just don't want the gold anymore :( I heard about using a demi permanent? Would a level 8 ash work?

Thank you all so much


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