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Author Topic: lightening my level 3-4 virgin hair but I'm worried it won't be bright enough  (Read 762 times)  Share 

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my hair color's between a 3 and a 4 (in the sunlight it's more amber-ish) and I want to lift it so I'll be able to get the color I want (or at least within its range) but I'm worried that it potentially won't get light enough?

I'm planning to mix a 30 developer with lightening powder, then use an ash blonde toner to mute it down. I don't want to full-on bleach it or anything and I don't want to do it more than once if I mess it up. I'm aiming for a very muted pink shade and I don't want it too bright or too golden, so I want something like an ashy-brown base but light enough so that the color can actually register. I also don't want the color to fade over time into something grayish.

How do I go about achieving that base safely for my color so that it won't turn out too dark? and bonus: should I mix another color with my pink dye (I'm going to add conditioner to dilute it into the shade I want) so that it won't fade into something colorless?


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I'm planning to mix a 30 developer with lightening powder, then use an ash blonde toner to mute it down

Mixing developer (peroxide) with lightening powder (bleach) and applying it to your hair is called bleaching.
Using a toner afterwards that also requires mixing with developer?  After bleaching?  That's called double processing and it's a bad idea.  You're doubling the damage right there.

Also, given that your hair is already quite light, 30vol is too strong.  30vol is for dark brown hair.  You can use 20 or even 10 vol if you're not wanting to go super pale.

Do you have a picture of what your hair looks like now, and what colour you're trying to achieve?  Makes it easier to advise  :)


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