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Author Topic: blonde hair dye as color remover  (Read 769 times)  Share 

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blonde hair dye as color remover
« on: 24 Jul 18 / 05:33 PM »
I was reading some information on some people using blonde hair dye to remove some of the previous direct dye color.

I know of all the various methods of removing color - colorb4, bleach soap caps, vitamin c, etc. - and have tried many of them in the past. I am not desperate to remove the color I have because I can always dye over, but am interested in trying out regular blonde dye to see what would happen.

So, my current hair is very light at the roots and top layer of hair. Underneath I had done a different color, and the combination of Adore products has left is a medium to light/faded purple. I would like to have the purple gone so that I can put in a section of rainbow colors and it is just not light enough probably for orange and yellow.

Has anyone used blonde dye over? What kind did you buy? High lift? How well did it work, if at all??

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Re: blonde hair dye as color remover
« Reply #1 on: 24 Jul 18 / 09:38 PM »
Itís the same as using bleach. It might work, but just as likely to not work and even produce undesirable results. Purple is especially likely to turn a very stubborn to remove green.

Bleach, and hair dye, isnít made to remove artificial colour, so it doesnít do it well. What appears to happen with purple is the bleach does manage to remove the pink, but it drives the blue deeper into the hair shaft and then the yellow that is almost always present in the hair makes it show as green. And itís REALLY hard to get out.

In short, itís the worst way to remove colour and should only ever be a last resort. And usually not hair dye either because the developer is normally stronger than it needs to be. Youíre better off with good quality bleach powder and low vol developer. As a last resort :)
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