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Author Topic: Boxed hair "decoloril"  (Read 1874 times)  Share 

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Boxed hair "decoloril"
« on: 24 Jun 18 / 01:44 PM »
ok so i was dying my hair brown for fuckin ever and decided to go bonde directly. everyone told me to do highlights but i tried highlights on dark hair in junior high and no thank you. i knew it was going to damage my hair, i went ahead did it anyways.

i started off with a chemical stripping of my hair, he than put a hair dye and my hair was yellow/bright orange. i was willing to wait it out a month for my hair to chill but when i went to spend the weekend at the parents house, it annoyed them so much- they annoyed me so i just said f**k it and went and did the highlights.
completely fried my hair, i could have saved it and kept it short (girl short) but i cannot stand split ends. i've never had a boy hair, i'm 27 so i told myself it's now or never to try it out! i've got admit, kate hudson was a huge motivation/reason being why i wasn't so scared to cut it so short.

i still have strands of yellow- you can barley see them but I CAN, of course. i would like to become platinum blonde- i still have a box of garnier discoloration hair at home. my roots or showing and i do not want to pay 50+ euros for my roots and the extra highlights that aren't still platinum blonde.

can i use this or will it f**k up my hair completely?!
 it's been a month since my last dye and i count on getting a hair cut after.
thank you so much for your time.

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Re: Boxed hair "decoloril"
« Reply #1 on: 25 Jun 18 / 07:34 AM »
Do you think thereís any parts left with brown dye? If there is, then you need to use a colour remover on it. I donít know the product youíre talking about and I canít find any information on it, but not all colour removers are good, so could you post a link weíre I can read whatís in it etc?
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