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Author Topic: getting dyed red to blonde help  (Read 847 times)  Share 

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getting dyed red to blonde help
« on: 30 May 18 / 05:02 AM »
So I've asked around many different places in my city and get different answers from everyone, so I'm turning to the internet. I've been dyeing my a hair box dye 7R red for about a year now, and want to go blonde. I messed up and had a friend dye it dark vivid red, and it just wasn't what I wanted so I used color oops to get rid of that dye job. It actually turned to this nice yellowy shade but it was still too dark to be blonde. I waited a week then did a bleach bath, but it only turned my roots yellow. Now my hair is this strange glowing orange/yellow. I just want a nice golden blonde.
My question is how can I get there? Do I need to use another color remover to minimize the red, or bleach again? I think my hair is too dark to use toner, but I'm also super new to this and don't quite know what's even going on.  :laugh:
Thanks for the help!!  :D


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