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Author Topic: Crazy bleached hair  (Read 385 times)  Share 

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Crazy bleached hair
« on: 09 May 18 / 06:10 AM »
Hi everyone I'm new here so let me start, I wanted to go a very bright red so decided on the hicolor in magenta and red, attempted my first dye and besides the roots hardly showed up, I finally figure out it's cause my hair isn't all virgin I have dark brown dye close to my natural color half way down my hair then from the mid section to the ends it was black from another past dye job, and as you will figure out I'm in no way a hair stylist and most of the time have no idea what I'm doing. so I decide to just lighten my hair (bleach it) with a ion lightening kit with took me too processes but no big deal, the 1st attempt worked well mostly a light yellow/blonde shade besides a few orange bits at the end of my hair so second process took care of that.
My next attempt at dying my hair with a 20 developer (used 30 the first time) it turned my roots a bright colour and some of under layers of my hair too but my top layers were still a yellow, so I went in a 3rd time ( leaving my hair to rest for a bit and using hair masks to make sure I didn't damage it too much) this time I went in with 30 developer again thinking maybe the 30 didn't work the 1st time was cause of all the dark colors I already had in it, so after the last process my hair is a bit damaged and has only gone to now a light baby pink color while my roots are bright pink red, it don't look bad just not what I wanted, does anyone have any suggestion what I could try to get it a bright redish color, higher developer, leave it on for longer or may be reasons as why it didn't work is my hair is damage so will not take the color I have no idea any help would be great, sorry I ranted on better you hear what I've done and tried already.

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Re: Crazy bleached hair
« Reply #1 on: 09 May 18 / 08:11 AM »
Oh dear, you should have gone about this in a totally different way :(

What would have been best is to use a colour remover to remove the old dye. Yes, the bleach did remove a lot of it, but you were lucky as it often doesnít and you could have avoided all the damage. Secondly, you only needed to get it to a ginger colour to get a good bright red. Third, once it was light, you shouldnít have used the hicolor dye, they arenít meant to be used on dyed hair and using 30vol was definitely not the best plan at that point.

So, the damage is likely a lot worse than you think it is if the dye on the ends has gone pink and not red. You will need to use some protein treatment on it (aphogee two step is pretty good) and then probably get a haircut but that can be decided later. It can take a few weeks for damage to really show up.

To get red now youíll need a direct dye. Good brands for red are Adore, Special Effects and Directions. These are dyes that donít require peroxide, spmething you really need to avoid on the majority of your hair now. They also, and I know this sounds weird, last longer than permanent red dyes. As they do fade however, you can safely top up the dye without worrying about further damage. If it comes out pink on the ends again, just add more dye, it should come out red eventually. If it doesnít, Iím afraid your hair is too far gone and itíll have to be cut off above that part.
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