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Author Topic: Dusty Pink/Mauve experiments  (Read 245 times)  Share 

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Dusty Pink/Mauve experiments
« on: 06 May 18 / 12:29 PM »
Hello! Long time lurker, finally decided that I really should ask for some advice in the pink hair game. Man this color is hard to get.

I'll try and explain my hair history, as well as where I desperately want to get. Will also include pictures, hopefully...

My hair is currently a straight bob. Back in December I got some highlights, most around my face and a few everywhere else.

Then in the beginning of March I did a mild bleach bath (20vol, 20-25 minutes process time), hoping to get my hair light enough for a ginger red, which I did (7.43, mixed in with some 8.0).

My hair at that point was very healthy and very pretty. But the pink has always been a dream... and so about a month, 6 weeks later I decided to try to lighten my hair even more and go for a dusty rose.

I did a vitamin c treatment which got rid of most of the red. Waited two weeks, and then -

Soaked my hair in coconut oil and bleached it with a 20 vol, again only processing for about 20-25 minutes.

Now, sadly I have no pictures of how my hair looked before I applied the pink. It was (is) around a 8-9 level, with the highlights completely white. Which basically means that the hair framing my face is a lot brighter than the rest of my hair, which turned quite orange-y.

Now, afterwards I immediately applied a bright pink. Igora Colorworx in well, pink.

It turned out orange with pink. And bright, pretty bright.

Now, after adding blue in the dye when I re-dyed, and doing a couple of conditioning treatments with blue dye in them to tone it, this is where I am at:

Hopefully it shows. Now obviously the back is much darker and a lot more orange. The front is a lot lighter, and of course, more damaged.

I do not want to go lighter, since my hair is very fine and I don't want to risk damage. It is still pretty healthy and getting a lot of love. It has been now three weeks since I bleached and went pink.

Here is where I want to go:

And here is what I am thinking to do:

Use CrazyColor Pinkissimo or Cyclamen, and add a few drops of CrazyColor Peacock Blue, and a bit of conditioner to dilute it.

My though is: since blue cancels out orange, and green cancels out pink, a blue/green mixed with a blue based Pink will get me the dusty pink and get rid of the orange.

I now feel I must apologize for the length of this post. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, but please note that I live in Greece and really only have access to these brands: (and not all colors)

Igora Colorworx
Manic Panic

And... that's all folks!


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