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Author Topic: Bleach not working, color remover over bleach?  (Read 427 times)  Share 

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Bleach not working, color remover over bleach?
« on: 28 Apr 18 / 06:24 PM »
Hello. So I had dyed my level 7-8 natural hair with brown demi, then black demi, then brown again(twas still black). It didnt wash out at all. And I cant get it out. Used color remover 4 times and it got to reddish 5-6 level brown. Then I decided to bleach, used 20vol developer over coconut oil for 40min, and it did nothing, didn't lift even half a tone except for lightening my grown out roots which look ridiculous now, so is it possible to remove color after bleaching, or what should I do? Or should I buy more expensive bleach or use higher developer? Although my hair is curly, so I wouldnt want to damage it too much by bleaching many times.

And if I can still use it, how long should I wait?

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Re: Bleach not working, color remover over bleach?
« Reply #1 on: 28 Apr 18 / 06:59 PM »
I think if you've already tried the colour remover 4 times, that's as good as you're going to get  :(


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