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Author Topic: Uneven ombre  (Read 270 times)  Share 

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Uneven ombre
« on: 26 Apr 18 / 01:45 PM »
Hi ladies soeey if this will be long. I'm in need of help  *ott* i was feeling abit down about myself latley and just wanted a nice change I started off with dark brown hair with a few highlights in in November then in Feb I decided I wanted a change for the upcoming summer a nice ombre with dark roots and platinum/grey ombre. I knew this wasn't going to be done in one sitting. My hairdresser was amazing and went through everything with me and my hair took really quick to the bleach however the top section was still orange so she rebleached it and toned it down, It was still quite uneven but I booked in again for 4 weeks later to have more blonde over the warmer bits that hadn't taken so much and to even it out. When it was bleached and toned  it looked good still quite warm on the roots but ok. After a few days I washed it and parts of my side fringe broke off and went really frazzled but I've managed to keep up with hair masks and lay off the heat to get it in better condition. I use fudge toning shampoo for brassiness but the problem is it only takes to certain parts of my hair so I have lovely platinum grey bits then yellow roots and yellow strands and it looks really uneven. I've tried just toning the yellow bits with no success so I've stopped toning altogether for now. I've booked in hairdressers for the 9th to see what we can do. I don't think they'll bleach again to get the platinum look I think they'll darken it. I've been platinum before and had no trouble but now. I also had alot cut off but now will probably need more. What do you think the hairdresser will suggest? I'm really stuck as to continue to try with platinum grey or just go to a darker blonde. I wish i hadnt bothered as my hair was in good condition before. I dont want to go back dark as itll be a waste of money and id have ruined my hair for nothing so i want to try keep it until xmas at least. My hairdresser says it's hard to keep platinum  I just don't know what to do  thankyou x

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Re: Uneven ombre
« Reply #1 on: 27 Apr 18 / 07:49 PM »
I'm a little confused why the roots got bleached when you said you wanted an ombre with dark roots?
What toner have you been using?

Right now avoid all peroxide and heat - if your hair is at the frazzly breaking stage it's badly damaged and you'll have to baby it until all the damage grows out.  Note that all the masks and conditioners in the world cannot fully repair hair, they can only make it feel nicer.  It's like skimming a thin layer of plaster over a wall with cracks right into the brickwork - hides the damage without truly repairing it.
There's also the fact that damage/splits can travel up the hair shaft (like peeling a green twig) so chop as much off as you can stand.

Sorry  :(


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