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Author Topic: Toning orange at home  (Read 431 times)  Share 

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Toning orange at home
« on: 24 Apr 18 / 08:12 PM »
Hi there, I had my hair done a few months ago.  It fades from dark brown to light blonde with some dark brown chunks throughout.  Despite my stylist's best efforts, my mid shaft turned out slightly orange (see pic of day it was done).  I've been using purple shampoo almost every wash and I sometimes add blue Manic Panic dye to my conditioner.  Now that I'm three months out, it's much more orange almost all the way down to the bottom.  I'd like to tackle a "real" toner at home, but I'm confused.  Will a toner designed to take out orange, darken the light blonde?  What exact product should I  I'm in Canada.

Do some people's hair just hang onto orange no matter what?  I had three stylists trying to get the orange out and it was still there!

The other attachment (black shirt) is what I as going for (except I wanted dark chunks throughout).


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