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Author Topic: Dyed dark brown back to natural dark blonde?  (Read 487 times)  Share 

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Dyed dark brown back to natural dark blonde?
« on: 19 Apr 18 / 05:47 PM »
I naturally have dark blonde hair which has been coming through on my roots, but I dyed it dark brown and now I'm desperate to make it look better! However, now I want to go lighter again, perhaps a shade or two lighter than my natural colour. I'd like to use whatever product is best for my hair as I do worry about damage. Can anyone help?  :)

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Re: Dyed dark brown back to natural dark blonde?
« Reply #1 on: 19 Apr 18 / 08:53 PM »
Colour B4, up to three times to get rid of the dye. Depending on how light it gets you may need to bleach bath (several washes later, or else you risk the colour reoxidising!). You don't need super pale hair but it shouldn't have too much orange tones either. Mine was yellow with golden tones and I dyed it with Loreal Preference 8.1 and it turned out a pretty beige-y medium blonde. You might want to use a semi dye - Adore has a lot of good reviews here on the forum, but I haven't used them myself. :)


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