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Author Topic: Blue to a Bright Pink?  (Read 747 times)  Share 

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Blue to a Bright Pink?
« on: 15 Apr 18 / 08:15 AM »
Hello! My hair is currently a blueish green, and I am looking at changing it to a bright hot pink, but my only concern is trying to get the green out without damaging my hair too much!

I first got my hair done professionally and they used Joico haircolor, Then I was on a time crunch and used Loreal's colorista on top of it to get rid of the fading because I had an event the next day.

Now I just need advice on what to do with bleaching my hair/roots and what dye's you recommend! I was looking at GoodDyeYoung's Ex-Girl shade.

Edit: If this is not in the right place sorry! I've just joined.

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Re: Blue to a Bright Pink?
« Reply #1 on: 15 Apr 18 / 02:56 PM »
Hi!  ;D There are things you can try to fade and remove colour before resorting to bleach. You can find lots of useful info on here on fading colour, such as anti dandruff shampoo. Also have you tried a colour remover yet? Such as colour B4 ? They are generally the first stop to get dye out after using the fading techniques. X
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Re: Blue to a Bright Pink?
« Reply #2 on: 16 Apr 18 / 09:33 PM »
I've never heard about dandruff shampoo's fading! I have been looking at Colour B4 as well as color oops! Thank you for the help!


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