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Author Topic: want to get bright salt and pepper color  (Read 827 times)  Share 

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want to get bright salt and pepper color
« on: 04 Mar 18 / 05:23 PM »
Hello, my hair has started turning salt and pepper but it's dull. I did my first experiment a year ago, bleaching it, not knowing about toner I then used some blonde dye I had around which took well to the back, but was still brassy so I used some touch of gray which toned down the blonde in back but it really took to the top, maybe because it's thinner there, I don't know. But what I want to achieve is more of a George Clooney look, very bright silvers and blended pepper. My plan at the moment is to bleach it again, then use t18 toner to get it as white as possible, apply Pravana ChromaSilk Vivids silver at the temples--where it's the most dull silver/gray, and, and here's the part I'm not sure on: use as little of the touch of gray (except at temples) to keep the bright tones while having enough dark color to balance my roots. I was thinking of applying the touch of gray lightly over top (I brush my hair back, usually tied back) so roots show immediately, so use a little more on the top but not too much as I want more silver/ash blonde and less over the back, I haven't noticed any dark root growth in the back, mostly still blonde, I guess under it is more of that dull silver as I don't see any darkness. If anyone can give me some advice on a better way to apply the pepper interspersed evenly I'd greatly appreciate it. Attached are some pics from before growing it out and coloring it, to the current state (I can see from the last pic that the brassiness has come back from the blonde dye as I never toned it.)The first pic was before doing anything, the 2 and 3rd pic is after I tried applying the touch of gray a 2nd time over the previous dye, it gave it reddish tones, the last 2 pics are current.


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