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My hair just won't go white!

Started by Ahri, 12 Jan 18 / 10:51 AM

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Hi everyone,

So I've been trying to get my hair white for about 2 years or more now and I just can't seem to do it.
My hair is as light as I can get it. I've tried to tone it, purple shampoo it, purple condition it literally everything that tutorials and the interwebs have told me.

I can get it grey but not white  *ott*

What I tried this week:
1. wella-t18
2. bright white creme toner by ion
3. purple shampoo + conditioner

What I wanted:

What I ended up with:

It's terrible. Just terrible.

Help me please.


I'm afraid to say, not everyone can get white. I can't and had to accept it. Sorry :(

Having said that, you're quite a long way off and it's in no way pale enough to attempt white. What are we working with here? What's your natural colour? Was it dyed before trying this. Some hair history would be very helpful :)

Also, what bleach did you use?

And also, T18 isn't the miracle YouTubers will lead you to believe.

And also, that first pic is helped a bit with photo editing. It's probably not quite as icy white as that in reality.
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My natural hair colour is very dark brown almost black, 4 years ago I had it dyed red, then I went to strawberry blonde. The past 2.5 years it has only been greyish blonde.
After my roots came out, I bleached it again. I used quick blue by loreal and then bright white creme lightener by ion.
Should I just strip all the colour out and see what lies beneath?  *puzz*

I want to give it one last well thought out go before I give up on it