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Author Topic: I Bleached My Hair But..  (Read 355 times)  Share 

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I Bleached My Hair But..
« on: 05 Jan 18 / 01:12 AM »

I wanted to bleach my hair blonde from dark brown, and its gone like a orangey blonde colour.
Should i just go back dark ?
Or is their a way to get actually get it blonde ?

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Re: I Bleached My Hair But..
« Reply #1 on: 05 Jan 18 / 09:31 AM »
Well, that is blonde. Itís just blonde that still has a fair bit of red and yellow left in it. You need to understand how bleach works. It just strips out the pigment from hair. You have yellow and red pigments. The red is the first that leaves because itís easier to remove and the yellow sticks around longer. To get a nice blonde from that you then need to tone any pigment thatís left once itís light enough.

So what shade of blonde did you actually want? A dark warm blonde? A pale cool blonde? Thereís a lot of blondes and all will require different methods :)

Oh, and was your hair dyed previously?
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Re: I Bleached My Hair But..
« Reply #2 on: 05 Jan 18 / 04:16 PM »
I was going for a pale blonde, then into platinum.
I went into the salon today, and they said anymore bleaching will just destroy my hair lol  *boo*
So i have booked an appointment and decided to go red instead, im not feeling the blonde anyway so it has worked out ok.
Where my roots are and my natural hair is, has gone exactly how i wanted it.
But it was a dark dye i used before just didn't take.
I actually forgot i used a darker dye around 3 months ago and thats whats caused weird colour.
Either way, its getting fixed tomorrow  *cheers*,

this is my first experience with dye going wrong but i think in future it will be salon everytime haha
Lesson learned  *whip*

I will post pictures incase this happens to anyone else on the forum, so they be reasured when in orange there is red haha

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Re: I Bleached My Hair But..
« Reply #3 on: 05 Jan 18 / 06:41 PM »
A salon is not necessarily better, there have been many horror stories about salons screwing things up. Your salon seems ok so far because they have advised against lightening further. I wonder what dye will be used to make it red? If it's a true semi (no mixing components together), it'll be fine. But I would ask, because if it is a permanent dye, it will also damage your hair.

The reason the colour is lighter near the roots is because your head gives off heat, which helps the bleach. It is why it is advised to start at the ends and do the root area last. You didn't have dye gone wrong I think. It's just how lightening hair works, like Janine above has posted. If you are naturally dark brown, it will take more than one session usually to get as light as you want. So this result is not weird.

I do hope your red turns out awesome and that you post a pic!

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Re: I Bleached My Hair But..
« Reply #4 on: 07 Jan 18 / 11:31 AM »

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Re: I Bleached My Hair But..
« Reply #5 on: 07 Jan 18 / 11:34 AM »
I decided since my natural hair had taken really well to the bleach,
that i would continue with the blonde path, and decided to cut the old hair that didnt take,
put a base colour on, then tone it down and got an ash blonde to work on towards white.
All was not lost this is the result at the moment.
It cost 27 pounds in total for the cut, base and tone, was a good deal, i was expecting the salon to charge wayyyyy more for all three *cheers*



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