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Author Topic: Any advice- need help going back to black  (Read 830 times)  Share 

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Any advice- need help going back to black
« on: 16 Dec 17 / 01:39 AM »
Hello, I am having a bit of an issue with my hair right now. About 2 months ago my hair was bleached very light and dyed a neon teal blue. A little bit later I threw a dark brown semi perm over my hair in an attempt to make it more natural. This is what I have now, it's a very dark navy blue/hunter green color, but shines very bright in the sun and under lighting.

My ultimate goal is to grow out my natural hair color, which is a soft black. Right now I have about an inch of roots. However, i'm having an issue with these blue and green tones sticking around(which I know blue and green are infamous for...) and was wondering the best course of action.

My problem is that I dye my hair dark and the blue is either very obvious underneath the dark color and my hair shines blue, or it fades and does the same thing. I'm not entirely sure what steps I should take to combat this.

As of right now my plan is to dye my dark green/blue hair with Adore's crimson red to neutralize the blue/green and then dye it with adore's jet black.

What do you think of this plan? Any advice?

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Re: Any advice- need help going back to black
« Reply #1 on: 16 Dec 17 / 08:17 AM »
Thatís probably the best plan. It will fade, so youíll need to top up both the red and black, but itís definitely the best way of doing it.

For future reference, for dark teal your hair doesnít need to be bleached really light. Iím fact it being ginger isnít actually helps a little. You know, if you ever fancy going back. Teal is my favourite hair colour :)
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