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Author Topic: My last time at the hairdresser  (Read 901 times)  Share 

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My last time at the hairdresser
« on: 06 Dec 17 / 10:23 PM »
Hi, I wanted to tell you about my last visit to the hairdresser...
After much thought, months of planning and getting the dye, etc, I got an appointment with my hairdresser to get my hair bleached and dyed with the Directions Plum I got.

The bleaching... didn't go well. At all. At least she didn't burn my hair or scalp, but this is what happened:
-She applied 40 vol. in all of my hair
-She then left me with a bit of heat on, not too much so that's a plus for her (I told to myself I would stop her if she dared to leave me with a high temperature on).
-Then after 45 minutes she rinsed my hair...

My hair was blonde at the roots, alright. Then the rest was DARK. Like. Really dark. Orange and almost black. I told her and she was like "meh... well... I don't know". NICE.

She used 40 vol. on my natural dark hair. I thought THAT should have done some effect?!

So my conclusion is that she didn't do a good job and that I'm going to do it at home next time.
Now my question is if I should use 30 or 40 vol. But I think 30 vol. is enough. I've done it twice before and at least I got it to bleach better than the hairdresser did so...

Luckily, the purple came out beautiful. I was scared thinking it wasn't going to work, that it wouldn't look purple, but it does. Let's see how it fades... But yeah. I don't know if I'll ever let another hairdresser touch my hair again. (not to mention she made fun of my hairstyle and told me my friend had cut my hair badly, when she didn't even cut my hair properly to begin with D:).

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Re: My last time at the hairdresser
« Reply #1 on: 07 Dec 17 / 10:28 PM »
definitely go for 30vol. I dont think anyone should ever use 40vol. its not necessary at all. My hair is almost black and i get it to a pale yellow with a 30vol bleach.
Her mistake was putting bleach in all the hair. She should have done the lengths first and then about half way through the scalp as the heat from the scalp always makes the bleach work quicker and the reason roots tend to bleach much better than the rest of the hair.
The quality of the bleach powder may have also been a factor. A strand test would have been ideal. It took me 4 trips to sallys to find the bleach that worked well with my hair. Used to get orange lengths until i found my current one which works wonders for me. Everyone's hair is different and most hair dressers try to do the same thing for all the clients even though we all have different hair (texture, pigmentation, coarseness, etc)


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Re: My last time at the hairdresser
« Reply #2 on: 14 Dec 17 / 06:15 PM »
Yes, I really can't understand how I got almost black hair out of a 40 vol. bleaching. It's crazy.
Next time I'm trying to do it myself, I've done it before and the results were better than what she did D:


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