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Author Topic: Permanant haircoloring advice  (Read 468 times)  Share 

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Permanant haircoloring advice
« on: 23 Nov 17 / 03:56 PM »
Great forum, 12 views to my post (now no longer available by me)  and no responses.   Great forum  *rofl*

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Re: Permanant haircoloring advice
« Reply #1 on: 27 Nov 17 / 07:45 PM »

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Re: Permanant haircoloring advice
« Reply #2 on: 27 Nov 17 / 08:29 PM »
For some reason this post didn't show up to me before Lucia commented on it.

You have only posted in the "introduce yourself" thread, that doesn't get too many responses for several reasons. If you want to help give advice, just dive in. If you have a question, make a thread and ask it :)

This thread wasn't likely to get many answers because it's a bit confusing and a little rude!

Edited to add... Right, I understand. OP didn't get any replies on the thread so edited it out. It's not a really busy forum, I've been busy elsewhere recently so haven't seen all threads it seems. Maybe the question wasn't easy to answer? We'll never know now since it's gone and we can't help.
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