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Author Topic: Red hair  (Read 941 times)  Share 

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Red hair
« on: 11 Nov 17 / 01:46 AM »
Hi there all

Really need some help with my hair. I was dying it myself copper brown for years level 6ish. I decided to have my hair done at hairdressers about 3 years ago now I wanted to go lighter have hilights etc. However my hair always came out virtually black and gold. Nothing what I wanted at all

(I donít know why I kept going back lol)

The last 8 months Iíve wanted to go quite a bright red. Not too bright as my job would tell me off :). The lightest red they have is 6.88 igora royal which came out pretty dark to be honest. I asked about how we could get it lighter and she said hilights. .... again. So my last visit I had 6.88 all over some hilights through and she put a red toner over those. I can see them in places but not as much or as bright as I thought. ...itís like a deeep red with some lighter red pieces.
Iím honestly getting fed up now Iíve spent a. Ton of money there and I never walk out happy. Itís always really dark. And just keep getting told. Have more hilights then it ends up the colour they suggest is dark anyway. Sigh

Whatís the procedure now for these hilights. She booked me in for a colour in 7 weeks. Would she just use 6.88 all over? Would this show the hilights? Cause to be honest the colours wishy washy and not the bold red I want. ;(. If I got say a live xxl dye and did it myself would the hilights still show through?
What dyes would I go for and how would I dye it so I donít ruin the hilights. Iím red all over itís just those hilhhted sections are just slightly lighter red.

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Re: Red hair
« Reply #1 on: 11 Nov 17 / 09:30 AM »
Ton of money there and I never walk out happy.

Stop walking back in!

What is your hair like naturally?
Can we see a picture of your current hair and what you're trying to achieve?


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Re: Red hair
« Reply #2 on: 11 Nov 17 / 07:32 PM »
This is what it looks like. Iíve used a red coloured conditioner through it to actually make it more red. :). You can see the lighter parts running through which are hillighted. From my understanding next few sessions sheís just going to out6.88 all over. Will that keep the hilights look though?

I think picture one is how I want it more bright layered lighter ombrť pieces
The middle one is what I got after I put a lot of bright red conditioner through it
And the last one is the time I went in before 8 weeks ago after hilights and basically ended up darker than I stared so I wasnít happy.


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