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Author Topic: Pinku Pinku to blonde to Lilac, HELP!  (Read 340 times)  Share 

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Pinku Pinku to blonde to Lilac, HELP!
« on: 10 Nov 17 / 04:26 PM »
Hey y'all,

I'm looking for some advice to lift my leftover violet elumen. My stylist did  a purple unicorn ombre last year and we chose violet elumen for my roots. Then last spring we lifted it as much as possible and it was then HOT PINK(I was trying to go blonde again). So we did pink into peach ombre.

I've since been using Punky Color Flamingo pink diluted with Down Under Naturals conditioner. Recently I switched to pink watercolour shampoo.

I'm really hoping to go back to all over lilac like I had in 2013(Thanks to Hani from EXID for making me miss it!)

Do you think I'll get enough lift in one go with a 30 vol and wella powder? Should I apply to the darkest areas separately(first) then pull it through and do my roots? Separate applications all together?

Any help will be much appreciated, I want to get started tonight!

Pics of the stages my hair has been through - three bleaching processes over a year.


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Re: Pinku Pinku to blonde to Lilac, HELP!
« Reply #1 on: 10 Nov 17 / 04:27 PM »


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