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Author Topic: My breast cancer tattoo for my mum  (Read 1137 times)  Share 

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My breast cancer tattoo for my mum
« on: 09 Nov 17 / 04:41 AM »
I got this one in March, Designed it myself and the story behind it is obviously breast Cancer.
From January this year I went to Queensland and helped my mum for 6 months as she found out at Xmas she has breast cancer,
Hardest time of my life ever, Leaving my kids and husband for 6mths but my mum means the world to me, She's my best friend and being there through multiple operations and radiation treatment bought us even closer ❤️
The ballerina is my mum , very feminine and delicate, she's  inside her protective bubble as I always keep her
The strings as she was like a puppet, Had to do as surgeons wanted her to in order to survive and she really had no say.
The baby bubbles represent myself and my brothers and sister being around her at that time.
The breast cancer bubble for my friends that are fighting this and mums fantastic cancer care nurses.
In all my tattoos my mum is represented by a butterfly (my dad a dragonfly) and on this tattoo is my mum sitting above everything , Big and proud and ready to take flight and live her life again.
All my tattoos have meanings but this one meant the most, Something I will always look back on and remember the good and the bad and the millions of tears we shed together,
She is now the butterfly and kicked cancers butt, Hopefully it stays that way.... don't need anymore grey hairs 😜

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Re: My breast cancer tattoo for my mum
« Reply #1 on: 20 Nov 17 / 01:42 PM »
Lovely tattoo and meaning behind it x
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Re: My breast cancer tattoo for my mum
« Reply #2 on: 22 Nov 17 / 11:29 PM »
Beautiful tattoo and I love when they have a meaning behind them rather than a generic 'everyone has this so I got it too' style.

So glad your mum is getting better x
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Re: My breast cancer tattoo for my mum
« Reply #3 on: 18 Feb 18 / 11:29 AM »
That's a very beautiful and unique tattoo. I'm so glad your Mum is well again xx
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