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Author Topic: White/silver advice  (Read 790 times)  Share 

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White/silver advice
« on: 15 Oct 17 / 12:11 AM »
Hey everyone

So back in May this year I had black hair. Like packet from the supermarket black. And I wanted to give white/silver a try.

Since then iv had a few sessions with the hair dressers and I'm at a light blonde, and I was hoping that now I could use the toner for white and reach my goal.

Anyway my last hair dresser session was on thursday (2-3) days ago. And after strand testing the white toner today.... Well it did nothing. Tried it on a different strand for double the length of time, still did nothing. Tried the silver for about 40 mins (bottle says 15-30min) did nothing

So... is this a case of I'm being too eager? Or am I attempting too much? Or is the black base my hair started with affecting how my hair reacts to the toner and dye?

The hair dresser sesh on Thursday was another lightening of my blonde plus they put a toner on, so now it's like a dirtyish white or cream colour. I also used a leave in conditioner on my hair today to try and repair it a bit.

Basically wondering if this is where the journey ends or if I wait a few weeks could the toner and colour actually work, before I splurge the whole bottle and buy other brands to try. I didnt expect two different brands to have zero effect on my hair.


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