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Author Topic: Round 2 combating Teal-mix of Purps and blues -processing now  (Read 1594 times)  Share 

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I have been doing my hair Blues (Adore, Sparks and Joico) on top and Indigo (Joico & Adore) on the bottom half for about 1 1/2 year now. I usually used Sparks electric blue (love this one) but then decided to try Joico Cobalt and Mermaid (did NOT love these, very green based, Mermaid being very green)
when I redid my hair yesterday with Sparks electric blue, I am still frustrated at the lasting teal and green that will just not go away.  SOOOOOO today I am doing round 2 of coloring my hair again rn.  I am going for a navy blue effect so I mxed Adore Indigo, Joico Cobalt & Sparks purple passion, I read the purple will combat the green so I figured it is worth a shot.  I will post a picture when I am done processing it.  FINGERS CROSSED. 


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