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Author Topic: Shampoo  (Read 602 times)  Share 

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« on: 23 Sep 17 / 09:53 PM »
Hi Friends... it's been a long while since I've been around, but I've got a question that I'm sure someone here will have great advice for.

For the first time ever, I went without commercial shampoo for two weeks, and I cannot believe the amazing condition of my hair.  I used baking soda twice the first week, then lemon juice and water only, and also co-washing with my tried and true silicone-free conditioner and apple cider vinegar rinses.

Today, I planned - after careful decision - to wash with an SLS-free after doing my grey touch-up on my roots with a box dye (the only thing that will properly cover my stubborn roots!), with the intention to go at least another two weeks without shampoo.  My hair was left feeling drier, which I expected, but I could tell that the fortnight of natural oil building up did my hair loads of good.  So I wanna do it some more!

Really the only thing about these past two weeks that I didn't like was that my hair smelt a bit musty.  I hear essential oils help with the smell, but I haven't given that a go yet.  The other thing I didn't really like was that my head sort of felt - well - gross, to be frank.  I still have yet to learn how to get the styling right whilst it's drying because my hair tends to kink and wave in places that look a bit funny, but I'm working on that!

I'd love to stretch washes as long as I can possibly go, so I wonder if anyone here has experience or advice, or has tried anything else that makes their head "feel" cleaner without stripping the natural oils.  I don't really want to faff about much with egg or avocado mixtures (sort of a waste of food to me) or clay or high-prep concoctions.  I've heard rye flour might be a good option (if I'm willing to shake out the grains after it dries) as well as bar shampoos.  I don't want to strip my hair of natural oils, but I want a "cleaner scalp" feeling.

I've learnt that the pH of baking soda might be too harsh for hair if used too often, or too much, so I'd like to stay clear of that.  The lemon juice was - eh - okay.  But I wonder if going too long without shampoo will start to stunt growth or clog up the follicles, so I am certainly willing to shampoo properly once in a while to prevent that.

I've read lots and watched loads of videos about "no poo", so I understand everyone has a different experience.  I know a lot of you here are into alternative methods of hair care, so I wanted to get your thoughts.  Thanks in advance for your advice!
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