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Author Topic: Where to go after Highlighter Yellow?  (Read 3023 times)  Share 

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Where to go after Highlighter Yellow?
« on: 08 Sep 17 / 02:52 AM »
Hi y'all! I've had highlighter yellow hair for about a month now. I've been using Manic Panic Sunshine on bleached hair. It fades so fast though! I was thinking of going orange and then red but I keep seeing really beautiful Rose Golds online.
When I look at the color wheel I was thinking maybe I should try to do a maroon plus light brown or orange to try and achieve a rose gold? Maybe just try maroon over the yellow?
Should I try to strip the color?
Adding Electric Tiger Lily over my current color lasted for only one wash.
I'm so curious!

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Re: Where to go after Highlighter Yellow?
« Reply #1 on: 08 Sep 17 / 08:40 AM »
Palish pink over a yellowish base is normally the best way to get rose gold. I'm not really following your thoughts on maroon and light brown to make a rose gold. To me they're all far darker than a rose gold. Maybe we have different ideas of rose gold and maroon?

Can you post a photo of how yellow it is now? Can you post a photo of what you want?
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Re: Where to go after Highlighter Yellow?
« Reply #2 on: 18 Sep 17 / 05:31 PM »
If manic panic fades so much, maybe it just doesn't work with your hair. I have troubles with manic panic too, it fades for me even without washing. You could try another brand if you want longer lasting colour.

If you have yellow, I'd also try a light pink to get a rose golden colour. Try a very diluted colour first, otherwise you might get peach. You can always add more pink on a later dye.


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