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Author Topic: How do I bleach and get platinum blonde without killing my hair?  (Read 603 times)  Share 

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Hey everyone. I have stripped red out of my hair twice and bleached once so far. I've been dying and bleaching my hair since 7th grade. Not once had so much problems getting red out. I'm scared of killing my hair more and I do coconut oil soaks every night and every other day all day. I know I'll have to cut it when I'm done, but I also don't want it to much shorter, I'm a cook and need to be able to keep it up. Thank you everyone!

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You probably have staining from the red dye which unfortunately can be impossible to remove. I would give your hair a rest for a few weeks and then try bleach baths. Make sure to use a good quality bleach and really condition your hair inbetween.

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Yeah seems like you might have some staining from the red, you won't really know until you bleach bath and it doesn't lift any further though! The best advice I can give is know when to quit! If it does seem like staining and won't lighten any further find a mid shade you can live with til it grows out and you can go platinum from your virgin roots.
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