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Author Topic: Coffee Hair Dye After Bleach, Red Dye, and Henna?  (Read 863 times)  Share 

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Coffee Hair Dye After Bleach, Red Dye, and Henna?
« on: 12 Jul 17 / 01:54 AM »
To start off, let me explain my situation very briefly:

I wanted to dye my hair for the first time about four months ago. My hair is naturally dark brown, so I went to the salon and tried to get it a reddish color. Due to my previous dark hair, my hair was still dark, just tinted light when it hit the sun. However, three-ish weeks after, my hair faded and became a light brownish color that I was unhappy with.

A month ago, I tried to dye my hair red again. This time the lady bleached my hair and added the color in it immediately afterward. My hair was a vibrant reddish-pink that I absolutely loved [see picture]! However, it lasted two weeks before it began to fade to a weird dull cherry red and then to a strange brownish-orange-red color. Needless to say, I hated it.

I thought the best route would be to go back to brown. Last night I bought LUSH's Caca Marron Henna hair dye because I heard it was healthier for your hair. From the time I started to the time I washed it, it was about 4 hours, but only 2 hours with everything masked. I didn't wrap it because I wanted it to get darker, but when I washed my hair, I was surprised to see that it had turn into a more natural reddish color that was somehow also more blonde. [see picture]

I want it back to brown, or at least a little darker so I was thinking about making a DIY coffee grounds dye. The recipe I found called for 1 cup of cold brewed coffee and 2 cup go leave-in conditioner​, leaving it in for 4 hours and washing it out with apple cider vinegar.

My question:
Is it safe to re-dye my hair now (24 hrs later), or do I need to wait? My hair doesn't feel completely damaged and the Shea Butter in the Henna has done wonders, but I just don't want to ruin my hair any more than it is already.

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Re: Coffee Hair Dye After Bleach, Red Dye, and Henna?
« Reply #1 on: 12 Jul 17 / 06:56 AM »
I would buy some Adore direct dyes, they don't damage your hair!  They are temporary, but they seem to hold for as long as permanent dyes and they have no peroxide or ammonia.  They come in many colours and you can mix them too.  Look at the Bee Unique link on this website :)   They can also be diluted with conditioner if you like.  I think they'll work better than coffee ;) though I'm a little curious about that technique as I've never heard of it before.

If you actually want to go a reddish brown permanently with henna, you can buy pure henna powder that is more effective than the Lush bars and easier to use.  I found melting the Lush bar and the weight of the product on my head was a huge chore and the results were not that impressive.  Using pure henna powder the results were much more noticeable, and after using it for a year the henna built up to a dark brown reddish colour.   It's very healthy for your hair and does no damage. Everytime you use henna it gets a bit richer and deeper in colour as it coats your hair.  My hair was nice and shiny though it relaxed my wavy curls a bit.  Henna stains your hair with a coating and is permanent.  Bleach won't remove it either, so if you want to use henna you should be sure you want it for a long time!   And as for metallic salts that is only in manufacturing of certain (usually cheaper quality) henna, it is not present in the henna itself.  Lush does not use metallic salts in theirs and the pure body quality henna powder will not have salts either.

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Re: Coffee Hair Dye After Bleach, Red Dye, and Henna?
« Reply #2 on: 12 Jul 17 / 08:34 PM »
I second the advice of using Adore dyes. They won't cause further damage (and even if you risked the damage of a permanent dye it wouldn't last well over hair that had been lightened).
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