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Author Topic: What toner do I use?  (Read 471 times)  Share 

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What toner do I use?
« on: 11 Jul 17 / 06:31 AM »
After bleaching my hair for 20 minutes twice in the span of a month my hair has turned an orange color. It's not so bad that I'm embarrassed to walk around with it I just want it to be more beige. The thing is I'm hoping to get some good toners recommended to me from Sally's. So can someone help me out?
I got my parent's bad hair genes.... the frizzy form my mom and the thick from my dad. So let's bleach it a bunch and make it worse! (:

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Re: What toner do I use?
« Reply #1 on: 17 Jul 17 / 03:45 AM »
Have you tried purple shampoo yet or making your own toner. I feel like the hair is a little dark for toner though

Why only leave in it for 20?  Bleach has to go through stages

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Re: What toner do I use?
« Reply #2 on: 17 Jul 17 / 07:29 AM »
It's too dark for purple. It needs blue, maybe even with a touch of green. You can mix your own toner using a tiny amount of blue direct dye (directions, manic panic etc) with conditioner.
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