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Author Topic: Using colour b4  (Read 407 times)  Share 

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Using colour b4
« on: 10 May 17 / 07:18 AM »
Don't know what I'm doing wrong?
I have been dying my hair black for years now and I am r
Trying to strip it using colour b4, I've used three boxes now and last night thought I'd got a nice colour brown with intentions to use colour b4 just once more to lighten it a tad more , this morning it's back with lots of black in it and lots of red and looks nothing like it did last night, how can this be?  I seem to be getting no where but wasting money keep buying the kits.
What else can I do? Can I use anything else?

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Re: Using colour b4
« Reply #1 on: 10 May 17 / 07:42 AM »
I'm afraid the clue could be in the fact you've been dying your hair black for years. It can mean the dye is so deep into the hair shaft it can't get out or that the cuticle is held shut with silicones coating the hair not allowing the dye molecules come out. Colourb4 shrinks the dye molecules so it's easier for them to slip out of the hair. If they don't come out, they grow again and the colour comes back.

Did you use water as hot as you can stand? Did you clarify wash and dry your hair, without conditioner, before hand?

It can help to exceed the time they suggest to rinse the hair and rinse for even longer.

Try decolour remover. It claims to shatter the molecules, so you might have more luck with that.

Unfortunately, though, hair that has been dyed black for many years will always struggle to lighten up again. The fact that you have got some out is a bit encouraging that using hotter water and rinsing a lot longer will help, but it's hard to say.
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