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Author Topic: Orange after bleach bath- best toner now?  (Read 1595 times)  Share 

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Orange after bleach bath- best toner now?
« on: 29 Mar 17 / 11:28 PM »
I'm dying my hair from light brown with highlights to a golden blonde like Cara Delevigne's here  (attachment 1)

My plan is to bleach and then tone with a bit of semi-permanent PURPLE dye and conditioner.In the meantime I did a bleach bath and now it's ORANGE and kinda damaged. See attachment 2.

I think right now I need to give the hair a rest and I'm looking for advice on my next steps between baths so that I look normal the next few days and not like Ronald McDonald. Can I tone in between bleach baths? Thinking of using a tiny amount of BLUE die with some conditioner. Toners are also an option. Any product recs? I'm in Europe so L'Oreal range is good.



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Re: Orange after bleach bath- best toner now?
« Reply #1 on: 30 Mar 17 / 03:25 PM »
Yes you can try a tiny bit of blue diluted in white conditioner to tone some of the orange out, just be prepared for it to look darker.

What bleach are you using?
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Re: Orange after bleach bath- best toner now?
« Reply #2 on: 30 Mar 17 / 07:21 PM »
Hey ! I just saw this response. I hadn't seen it before. I went to the hair salon store and they encouraged me to re-dye my hair and now I'm finally blonde but it took a few tries because apparently I wasnt leaving the bleach on long enough each time. I've uploaded a little story on imgr



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