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Author Topic: Via Natural Dye - Bordeaux  (Read 2434 times)  Share 

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Via Natural Dye - Bordeaux
« on: 21 Mar 17 / 07:34 PM »
I recently bought Via Naturals Bordeaux colour from beeunique, to put on part of my hair.

The dye itself is absolutely fab, but what i wanted to bring to everyones attention is that the colour sample on the site for this colour does not match the colour on the bottle of the dye, or the colour that it comes out. It shows a deep burgundy-brown, where as the colour in the picture on the bottle is much much more copper, it more closely resembles the colour sample for the 'copper brown' shade.

Now I know screens can vary blah blah blah, but it's quite a difference! I know these are the samples the company have given for pictures for the site to use, so I'm not blaming beeunique, although I thought someone might have looked at the bottle and questioned it...

So if anyone is thinking of using these dyes please google the bottle, as it was very disappointing to not receive the colour I was looking for.

I should have just returned the dye I know, but I was hoping that the bottle picture was less accurate than the sample pic, as the dye itself looks quite reddy, and after reading that I'd have to pay the return postage anyway, I thought I may as well give it a go as I'd be out of pocket anyway. But it came out exactly as it looks on the bottle. To the exact shade, which is actually a plus point, if that's the shade you are after!

So now my plan is to purchase a darker via natural and mix the two together for future use, so it doesn't go to waste. It certainly hasn't put my off using the dye itself anyway, it's fantastic, it felt like my hair had had a lovely conditioning treatment on! It covered the greys in my roots like a dream, and seemed to just soak into my hair, very very little washed out.


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