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orange hair help!!!

Started by adellen, 27 Jan 17 / 10:39 AM

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Guys i need help desperatly,i had black hair which iv been dying myself for years,i recently decided to go blonde so i put 2 colour b4's on which took theblack out,i then put a powder bleach on last night and my roots are white and the rest of my hair is bright orange!!i cant afford hair dressers,im going shopping to get a dye later so i need advice on which to get,i need to get this orange out,thanks everyone x


Sorry to give bad news but it's likely that the orange is staining, black is notorious for leaving hair stained. You can use Colour B4 up to three times before it's no longer effective but if that doesn't help you may have to rethink your plans and go for something that will cover the orange until it grows out.
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