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Bleaching for the first time.

Started by abealeuk, 05 Jan 17 / 08:05 PM

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Hello, first post so please go easy on me!

I'm wanting to bleach my hair for the first time after being unsatisfied after expensive salon visits too many times.
My natural hair color is a very deep auburn color and I have a good couple of inches of regrowth at the moment, my hair is quite a struggle to lift so I am planning on using Wella Blondor Creme with 30% Wella developer. First question will this be strong enough to lift my roots?
Ive decided on a toner to hopefully bring it to a light ash/white blonde colour, but my other issue is that after having my hair bleached at the salon so many times throughout the lengths i have patches of very golden/copper hair, i dont want to apply strong bleach throughout the entire lengths because im pretty sure that there will be massive breakage if i do this, I was wondering if any of these options would be possible:
1.Apply bleach and 30% developer to roots and then bleach with a weaker developer/throughout the ends perhaps in foils to brighten up the lengths and get rid of some of the copper.
2.Apply bleach and 30% developer to the roots and then water down the mixture and apply to rest of lengths towards the end of development time.

Basically I want to lift the lengths and get rid of as much of the golden/copper that I can but I know that adding the bleach and strong developer to the lengths is just going to break it, my lengths are already bleached and damaged as it is.

Thanks in advance.


I can't really advise on the bleach you are using for your regrowth as my natural colour is quite light, but there will be other people on here who can.

I just wanted to say that you can dilute your bleach for your lengths by adding shampoo to it and making it into a bleach bath, if you have a look in the Bleaching and Lightening Hair section there's a really good tutorial on how to do it and there are lots of other posts about how to bleach more safely and cause less damage.

I will just say though that if your lengths are already fragile, you are putting your hair at risk of serious, irreparable damage in processing them any further. As long as you are prepared that there is a possibility that you may have to cut off the damaged hair if it does take it to the point where it begins to break!

Also, what toner are you thinking of using? The type that you have to mix with a developer will also cause damage to your hair and as they fade quite easily this damage mounts up with subsequent uses. Most people on here tone by adding a small amount of a direct dye (purple to counteract yellow tones, blue to counteract orange) to a white conditioner, you can then use this as frequently as you need to without causing any additional harm to your hair. (it may even be worth you trying to tone out the areas you think need to be re-bleached just to see if it works, depending on how dark they are)
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I believe Blonder is a very good bleach, if its the one I'm thinking of. So your choice in bleach is spot on. I think to give you better advice a picture would be great, because some peoples idea of copper or brassy tones are different than others so you might not need to bleach the lengths, but just tone them as Lauralei said.

With that being said if it does come down to bleaching again, your going to need to give your hair some serious TLC before and after to help with damage. I personally drench my hair in coconut oil the night before, then sleep in it, and add more in the morning if my hair still needs some more oil. (this will help protect your scalp and curb some of the damage). Then I would bleach the roots and bleach bath the lengths (if toning doesn't fix it) and then doing a super hydrating hair mask after wards, and hopefully that will minimize the effects of the damage.
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Okay I've attached some photos, please excuse the daffy duck onesie, I didn't realise how bad the patchiness was until I went to take these photos :/ would a bleach bath help this?


These are my roots


Ah so it's actual bands of darker colour, looks like one time when your roots were done that they didn't lift fully to the same level as the lengths. Your hair is very long so I would be really careful doing the lengths - if you do bleach bath I wouldn't put it towards the ends, you might be able to sort of spot bleach bath just that mid area that has the banding. Anybody else got any advice about spot-bleach bathing? I've never tried it myself.

The two photos are lit very differently though as your roots look much lighter on the second one, but i'm assuming that one is with flash and the other one is truer to colour? If the second photo is truer to colour though the banding may not be as bad as it appears on the first photo and you might be able to tone it, I'm thinking probably not if your goal is white-blonde though.
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Hmm, did you used to leave it quite a while between visits to get your hair bleached? It really looks to me like you have banding all the way down and with the roots the length they are now you're likely to have the same problem again. The half inch nearest your scalp will lifts faster than the rest because of the heat from your scalp making the bleach work faster. If they always did roots that were longer than that in one go, then that's the reason for the banding.

You really need to put bleach on the parts between the end of the old bleached parts and half an inch away from your scalp first and then go back and put it on the rest afterwards. This gives the hair closest to the scalp less processing time so hopefully it gives you a more even colour.

I've never really spot bleached myself either, but it does seem to be a little easier when it's banding like that. If the lengths are fragile though, I wouldn't recommend it.
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