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Author Topic: Whole head bleaching  (Read 989 times)  Share 

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Whole head bleaching
« on: 26 Dec 16 / 06:42 PM »

I hoping to dye my hair tomorrow! I took a year out from bright colours to give my hair a rest and nearly all of my hair is natural, just a very small bit of bleached hair at the ends. I'd say my hair is about shoulder length.

 I'm going to dye my hair with Arctic Fox Phantom Green. It shouldn't need a very pale blonde base should it? The last time I did a full head bleach (7 years ago or so) I was very reckless, so I'd like to do it properly this time!

I guess the best way is to quarter the hair and apply bleach from a centimeter or so from the roots and follow down the hair shaft, and finish with the roots not too long before the end?

I'm using Wella Blondor, I used the cream formulation in the past (I really liked it) and I'm going to be using the powder version this time. I was a bit confused to see the box saying it was multi blonde? I'm sure it will be fine, but the name just made me a bit apprehensive as I'd like a nice even enough base!

Just wanting to make sure I've got it all sussed out before I go ahead with it tomorrow.
Sorry for the long post, and thanks for reading!


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