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Author Topic: White hair tutorial  (Read 35727 times)  Share 

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Re: White hair tutorial
« Reply #50 on: 11 Oct 12 / 01:43 PM »
The condition of my hair is good. Better condition now after single bleachings I the past. The coconut oil trick works wonders and I have been sleeping with k-pak on a few nights a week:) and my hair was light! I mean it lightened it up a little and took a little of the yellowish color out, but mmy hair is definitely not white. I am going to try to use some purple and blue ultra diluted this evening and hopefully it works better:)

Are you sleeping with the K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor on your hair?  Or the Intense Hydrator.  Just a word of caution... you can over-do it with protein so I wouldn't recommend sleeping with the DPR left on.


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Re: White hair tutorial
« Reply #51 on: 13 Oct 12 / 12:33 AM »
I did the DPR one night and haven't had any issues but sinks for the heads up. I'll shy away from the overnight on that. I also have the hydrant or and love it!


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Re: White hair tutorial
« Reply #52 on: 13 Oct 12 / 12:41 AM »
owww thanks for this tutorial <3

i want white hair (or lilac maybe but first white)
i have white blond hair but i have a problem:

they are white blond at the roots (4/5cm)
blond in the middle
and white blond (a little silver because of my silver shampoo) at the end, but no everywhere

i have the same issue. I'm going to BB in a few weeks and will also let you guys know.


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