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Author Topic: Why is my hair color coming out different?  (Read 963 times)  Share 

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Why is my hair color coming out different?
« on: 29 Sep 16 / 07:02 PM »
Hi everyone! This is my first time posting in this forum. Hopefully someone will have some answers for me! ;-)

I'm wondering if this might be difficult to answer without seeing the before and after hair colors, but I have a question about why my color is coming out differently when I do it vs. when my colorist does it.


Obviously my colorist is a professional (and a complete genius and I love her!) BUT I moved abroad a couple years ago and I've had to resort to doing it on my own. She gave me the formula she uses and I buy the exact products she uses. It's Aveda Full Spectrum color to do my roots, and Redken Shades EQ as a toner. When she does it, the color is a vivid, rich, copper/red. When I do it, it's coming out a lot more brown, and darker than it was before - both the roots AND the rest of it that I only use the toner on. It's still red-ish, but I would describe my hair now as slightly auburn, not a definite red/copper like it was before.

I'm wondering 2 things. Is it possible that I'm just not measuring it precisely enough? I use a bottle with the marked lines, but I'm wondering if a scale would be way better especially considering that part of the formula is only 2 grams of 1 color and 6 grams of another. My other question is, is it possible that the color I'm using is too old? If I open the tube of color, how long will it last before I need to toss it and open a new one?

If it would be helpful to know the exact formula, please let me know! I can also try to find a picture of myself with the color when she did it, vs. when I do it now.

Thank you so much in advance!

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Re: Why is my hair color coming out different?
« Reply #1 on: 29 Sep 16 / 08:54 PM »
I was advised by a couple of friends who are professional colourists who taught me to do my own colour that you should always use a digital scale to measure rather than doing it by volume in a bottle or similar. Also, I asked them about how long the colour could be kept and they advised that it does keep, and to wrap the tube in cling film to assist with it being air tight, however last time I did my roots with a tube that had been open about 6 weeks it came out way lighter, less vibrant and with less red tones (however I may have mixed it badly as I was lazy and ignored their advice about weighing and did it by volume with a measuring spoon).

PS) they taught me as I was moving away and was worried about trying to find a new colourist!
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