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1:3 Ratio with 30vol o.o

Yeah, that sounds pretty dodgy.
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I've done it before, and it's normal.
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That's a normal ratio, you're overreacting. Chill out.
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Don't do it, you will ruin your hair.
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Author Topic: 1:3 Ratio o.o with 30vol  (Read 2455 times)  Share 

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1:3 Ratio o.o with 30vol
« on: 31 Jul 16 / 09:24 AM »
Hi *waves*

Okay so i finally got my Vitality's Red Fascinelle creme color in the post and I'm reading the instructions and I'm completely lost.  *stars*

Okay not so much lost but the instructions seem somewhat insane to me but then again I'm no professional.

The Instructions say I need to mix 1/2 a tube of red colour creme (Approx 50ml) with 150ml of Vitality's creamy activator 30 or 40 vol and to leave on for 45min. (That's 1:3 ratio! Which seems insane to me) I don't trust my hairs quality with 40vol, so I've gone with 30 vol. (I did this years ago with Majicontrast 1:2 ratio, 30 vol and it was perfect)

I couldn't find Vitality's creamy activator 30 vol. So instead I'm using Innovative 30vol developer from Priceline. Which i imagine is the same stuff anyway, however i can't find Vitality's creamy activator 30vol anywhere, meaning i can't match the ingredients just to make sure.  :'(

Has anyone ever come across 1:3 ratio using 30vol developer? All the blogs I've looked it up are saying "No you'd never do that" Another said I would fry my hair. >.< which i really would like to avoid doing *anyone*

I'm probably overreacting but it's better to be safe than sorry and it's Sunday afternoon, so i can't even ask my local hairdresser XD

 *thx* Any advice or tip are welcome!

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Re: 1:3 Ratio o.o with 30vol
« Reply #1 on: 31 Jul 16 / 05:50 PM »
Honestly, I detest the all of the vivid red permanent dyes. You're much better off using a really good quality bleach with low volume peroxide and then over that use direct dyes like Special Efftects or Adore. They last better than the permanent dyes too and much easier and not damaging to top up the colour.

I would suspect the ratio is due to the consistency of the "creamy activator". Hard to say though. I can't say for sure that it's crazy as I don't know anything about the dye. If that's the instructions then I'd assume it's correct. Maybe ring/email the company directly to see if they can help?
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Re: 1:3 Ratio o.o with 30vol
« Reply #2 on: 01 Aug 16 / 09:37 AM »
I'm with Janine on this (well, I'm very much with Janine on the fact that you'd be better bleaching then using SFX, the best and longest lasting vibrant reds I every achieved!) but I'm also with her on ringing the manufacturer, it could well be that the ratio is 1:3 but I haven't come across that ratio before and it could be that their own product is a very particular consistency. Just to be safe, and seeing as you aren't using the exact product listed in the directions I would try to get some more info.
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