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Started by alimazing, 22 Jul 16 / 12:40 AM

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I decided to do my whole head and was attempting a dark teal.  I have not mastered bleaching yet so.... It's an uneven job. The top is a lot lighter so when I touch up hopefully I can figure out what colors to mix to make it darker. The colors I have here are alpine green - directions, voodoo blue- manic panic, and blue black -adore.

Maybe more blue black when I retouch the top.


It looks kind of like you made it brighter at the front on purpose, it's nice!

Did you already have a dye on your hair when you bleached? I'm wondering if that's why it didn't take aswell on the lengths? (assuming that your base was darker on the lengths when you applied the teal)
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You are correct, the bottom lengths have probably been box dyed more times than is necessary. I had tried color b4 (twice) around 6 months ago when I did my bottom layer and it didn't work at all. But I figured since I was going for a dark teal it would be okay. thanks to the lovely advice I found on this site I read that a warmer shade would actually work in my favor for the color I wanted.

It's taken me a bit to get used to it at first I really didn't like it. Haha


I agree it looks intentional. I think it's very pretty! When you do a major change in appearance, getting used to something can be hard. I recently bought new glasses and I'm still not used to my reflection, haha.

I love dark teals, so beautiful. ^^


I agree the dark teal looks fabulous on you, I think teal is one of those colors that is universally flattering on just about every skin tone, I have yet to meet a teal color I didn't like!
life is too short to have boring hair...


Thank you guys! I think I am officially used to it and I like it :) Except the 'jokes' that patrons make at my work... I wonder if they realize some of the things they're saying are actually kind of rude... oh well gotta have thicker skin I suppose :)


I'm always amazed by how rude people think they can be about alternative styles in the way they never would to someone who had bad highlights or something! I like to adopt the RuPaul quote as my personal mantra on days like that; "Unless they're paying your bills, pay those b*tches no mind!"

Edit: Although I suppose if they are clients/ customers at your work they sort of ARE paying your bills!  :o :laugh:
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