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Author Topic: What colors are these?  (Read 4513 times)  Share 

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Re: What colors are these?
« Reply #25 on: 12 Oct 16 / 05:14 AM »
Also I just remembered you said the rose gold would be easier than lilac.. what would I need to use for the rose gold..

Can you let me know the formula for the very first lilac balayage one that's dark on top and fades to the lilac it was describes as smokey lilac. I understand I need to bleach my hair really light first for that.. 

Or the pics I attached last with the brown/blonde ones

Whichever one ends up being the easiest for me I'll do.. also in regards to the first lilac one and the rose gold do you think they'd look good on tan notmally like light olive skin a bit pale now cuz I haventbeen in sun but I'm still like a light tan color.

I know how to do it just can't figure out the colors so I appreciate your help sooo much!  :D

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Re: What colors are these?
« Reply #26 on: 12 Oct 16 / 02:17 PM »
Yeah I don't think you need such a light base for rose gold, as it has warm tones in it anyway, for lilac you need very light blonde.

The best way to tell if you suit the colours is to hold up an item of clothing to your face in the colour you wan't to check and see if it makes things like dark circles or redness look more noticeable. In my opinion I think you'd be fine with either colour, but just make sure as I don't know if you have anything like dark circles or whatever (I can't do lilac, it gives me really bad shadows under my eyes!).

It's really hard to say what you would need to do to achieve the colours; as we keep saying, try the colour remover, see whether you have any staining, see how much you can get it to lighten nicely and then decide what to do from there!

Sorry, I can't advise about the coconut oil as I have an allergy to it so don't use it!

The best advice I can give at this point is to read through the bleaching and lightening section, there are loads of posts there about coconut oil and bleaching methods that will really help.
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Re: What colors are these?
« Reply #27 on: 12 Oct 16 / 08:22 PM »
I would do the color remover too, because the less time you leave the bleach on the better! Just think of it this way, you use the color remover and it removes all the old brown and your left with orangy hair (this is what happened for me) well now your bleach only has to set on for 1/2 the time, so its still completely worth it, I removed all the auburn from my hair with just 1 round of color remover and got to a light orangy color and only bleached for 30 minutes, whereas if I just slapped bleach on I could've sat there for 90 minutes waiting for the bleach to do the same thing!

As for the actual bleaching process, I coat my hair in coconut oil the night before and sleep with my hair in an old t-shirt then the next day all a little more coconut oil on my hairbrush and brush my hair so its evenly coated then apply your bleach. Since you have 3 distinct sections that need bleach I would do a strand test on each one so that you get your timing down right.
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Re: What colors are these?
« Reply #28 on: 13 Oct 16 / 12:43 AM »
 yes I understand. That's what I thought also that the  rose gold would be easier. But I really love the Lilac one so I don't mind making the ends really light for that..

Ok I'm going to do the remover today and get back to you maybe from there it'll be easier to tell the colors I would need..

Unfourtunatly I don't have anything those colors so i can't do that. For the rose gold whenever I've worn rose gold jewelry it looked good but was maybe a little like blended in with my skin tone if that makes sense. But that was when I was more tan like I said I'm a bit paler now. I have nothing that's the lilac color :/ I do have dark circles in trying to get rid of them now, just even out my skin tone so I know what you mean. I think though since the top will still be somewhat dark it should be ok.

Ahhh ok thank you for the coconut oil tip, I wasn't sure how to use it. Yes you guys are both right I'll just do the remover because that makes sense the less the bleach is on the better...

I bought the prism lites bleach from Sally's, but I read people said the one called blond brilliance is better do you guys have any clue about that one.. or if  the prism one is just fine to use.. I also read the matrix light master one was good and wella blondor I can order those online but I'm scared to off Amazon since I can't tell if there legit. Are there any U.K. Websites we can order these from because I'm the US you can only order if your cosmo, and what brand would you recommend.
I'd added a pic of my skin tone right now in just natural light


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Re: What colors are these?
« Reply #29 on: 15 Oct 16 / 02:20 AM »
Hi guys so I did the color remover.. I used the color oops I couldn't anything else. It was the extra strength one. I will add some picks of the after.. it just basically lightened the little brown area a bit so now it's the dark the brown and some random yellow peices, you can see in the pics.. I also bought the one called color prep but didn't use it.. should I do it again, with the color prep?

The last pic is just how dark my roots are incase it matters for the other color I wanna do.


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