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Author Topic: Accidentally blonde :)  (Read 1863 times)  Share 

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Accidentally blonde :)
« on: 02 Feb 16 / 08:25 AM »
Hey everyone! Maybe someone can help with tips.

So, I'm a natural medium-brown with fair skin and brown eyes and I've been dyeing my hair red (deep, bright - I believe the name of the shade I've been using in the past year is "intense red") for about 5 years now. A couple of days ago I went in for a keratin treatment (I guess it was the non-formaldehyde type, since it didn't stink while doing it) and most of my red was gone!  *ott*

I was left with a pretty nice shade of strawberry blonde, which would probably look amazing on someone, unfortunately not on me. I did some digging and found out why: apparently skin types aren't just divided into shades of light, medium & dark. There's also this thing called "undertones" (go figure; I never knew so I must've been lucky with my choices up to now) and mine can be qualified as cool, for which shades like golden/light copper/strawbery-ish aren't the thing. Unfortunately, most beauty tips on the internet assume that light & cool skin comes with blue, green or hazel eyes. Shame on me for not fitting the standard  *gun*

So, to recap: cool, pale skin, some freckles (mostly on cheekbones), medium brown eyes (with no flecks of any kind), straight and relatively thin hair. What color would you recommend? I'd like to go back to red, but I figured I'd take this unexpected lightening of my hair to actually reflect on what comes next, rather than jump right back to my old shade.




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