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Author Topic: Help needed ... Dreaded orange yellow hair  (Read 2357 times)  Share 

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Help needed ... Dreaded orange yellow hair
« on: 19 Jan 16 / 04:33 AM »
Hi all I usually get my hair foiled but as it was going so grey (age) I said do it all as it was mainly blondish anyway.
The result hideous canary yellow and orange! I nearly died and she dyed it twice (bleached) so after I got home i ended up at hair warehouse getting a toner , it settled the canary And orange a bit but it's still very yellow and white.
I've ordered Wella T18 as it has great reviews and I'd not mind it going very light  (wished it would) with purplish if that happens.
Do you think the colour of my hair is light enough to? And have I chosen the right toner to use?
First pic the worst disaster !
and then when it's dry, it's a bit more lighter than the pics show
Last pic what it was before this disaster
Any help would be great please  xxx


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Re: Help needed ... Dreaded orange yellow hair
« Reply #1 on: 01 Feb 16 / 12:54 PM »
I'm UK based so my product suggestions might not be suitable, but I believe you should be able to neutralise this with a toner. I'd suggest trying the toner you have by applying it to dry hair or hair washed with a clarifying shampoo, and then leaving it on a longer time than you did previously (I tend to do about an hour). If you still get no results I'd try another.

My personal favourites are:

Bleach London's Purple Shampoo
Lee Stafford's Bleach Blonde Shampoo


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Re: Help needed ... Dreaded orange yellow hair
« Reply #2 on: 02 Feb 16 / 06:49 AM »
Personally your hair is not light enough.  I think you need to do another bleach application. Toners wont look good unless hair is lightened sufficiently.

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Help needed ... Dreaded orange yellow hair
« Reply #3 on: 02 Feb 16 / 08:06 AM »
Your hair is light enough for a toner to work to an extent, but it's not going to make your hair white or very pale, just take out the boldness of the yellow and make it more ashy. It will end up looking paler because of that.

However, I wouldn't  use the wella as your hair has been processed twice in a short time. Instead, go the shampoo route. Bonacure silver shampoo is good. If you leave it on for anywhere from 5-30 mins you'll get a lot of the yellow toned.

If you really want to go lighter, please leave it a month before doing anything. Your hair has been though a lot and you need to make sure it's still in good condition. Sometimes damage can take a few weeks to show. After a month, if it's still in good condition, try a bleach bath. That will take it down a couple of levels.
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