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Author Topic: New tattoo advice please?  (Read 1808 times)  Share 

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New tattoo advice please?
« on: 22 Jan 16 / 08:46 PM »

so I got a new tattoo on my lower leg yesterday and have a night out to go to tomorrow...It is gonna be pretty cold out so bare legs isn't the nicest sounding option. What I was wondering is if it might be ok to cover it with a large plaster or gauze (obviously large enough so the sticky bits don't touch the tattoo) and wear leggings on top? I don't anticipate it being a particularly late night so it would only be covered for about 4-6 hours but I don't want to risk it if this is a bad idea. Does anyone have any advice on this? Just a case of bad timing haha.

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Re: New tattoo advice please?
« Reply #1 on: 23 Jan 16 / 03:07 AM »
You can grease it up with whatever you're using to keep it moisturised and wrap it in cling film then put your tights or leggings on over that. (I used to wrap mine like that for work for a week or so after getting a new one as I worked in a medical centre and was exposed to a lot of germs!). To be honest my boyfriend swears by keeping his wrapped in cling film til they heal,(changing it every 4 hours or so) and it's never done him any harm - just clean it and let it air when you get home so you don't get a heat rash.
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Re: New tattoo advice please?
« Reply #2 on: 23 Nov 18 / 03:04 PM »
Too bad you haven't posted a result here :-[
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