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Author Topic: Crazy Salon Prices  (Read 1761 times)  Share 

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Crazy Salon Prices
« on: 09 Jan 16 / 12:47 PM »
I have been going to get my hair cut a couple of times a year at the same salon for about 10 years. Never had an issue with them until today.
I already thought that their prices were high, 58 for cut an blow dry, which is why I only go twice a year or once if I can; but today, my brother who has been letting his hair grow for a while and has longer and much thicker hair than mine went to get a trim.

They gave him the exact procedure I had booked for Tuesday, wash, cut and blow dry. He then told me that he paid 35 (normal men's cut price). This made me really angry. I understand why women's haircuts are usually more expensive than men's due to the hair length but why should I pay 23 more than him when his hair is much longer than mine.
So I went to have a talk with them about it and the lady said to me that he had gotten a "rough dry" not a blow dry. I proceeded to request the price for a cut and "rough" dry and she said for me would be 55!
When I asked why on earth I would pay 20 more she said because he is a man.... How sexist is that!.... and it is an industry standard that women pay more.

I immediately cancelled my appointment and it is safe to say I am never going back there and i will be finding ways of either cutting my hair at home or finding a cheaper hair dressers outside of London when I visit the In-laws.

Has anyone experienced this too? Or can explain to me why there is such a ridiculous gap in the men and women prices? I remember in Texas they had Short, medium, long hair prices rather than men or women.


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Re: Crazy Salon Prices
« Reply #1 on: 09 Jan 16 / 01:40 PM »
It happens in France too.
The first 14 years of my life I used to go to an hairdresser who always cut my hair the same even if I asked for something different.
Luckily, last time I went to an hairdresser (3 years ago) it was a woman whose prices were based on hair length.

I cut my own hair now, I bought professional scissors and everything.

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Re: Crazy Salon Prices
« Reply #2 on: 09 Jan 16 / 03:20 PM »
I already had professional scissors as i was taught to cut hair in my make up course but never dared to do it on myself until today and i have to say i am glad i did.
It took me less than ten minutes to prep and cut it , it is even and it was free. So at least for now, i will be continuing to do it myself.

I should say that i also learned how to bleach my hair at home because the lady at the salon always left it very damaged and it was very expensive

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Re: Crazy Salon Prices
« Reply #3 on: 09 Jan 16 / 06:31 PM »
There's such a thing as perceived value. People assume if you pay more, you get more. Men pay more for somethings, women pay more for others. Women tend to pay more overall for a lot of services and things, some deserved, most not. This has translated to women's hairdressing with the assumption that longer is taken over the cut, which is true, even if you do opt for a rough dry. Women's hairdressers tend to have more training, that costs more, you pay for expertise. Is it worth the amount more that we pay? Debatable. All you can do is find a cheaper hairdresser and see if you think the service you get is as good.

Or, continue to do it yourself. You might find as it grows more you notice it gets more untidy, but it really depends on the style.
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